How to Play Dragon Tiger Card Games

Dragon Tiger is a table game that may be played for gambling and is similar to Baccarat. This is considered as two-card baccarat and its rules are closely similar to baccarat rules. The vast majority of people who play it do it online rather than in any land-based casinos that do not offer it. Because of the game’s relatively easy nature, the inherent advantage for the House is not very high. As a result, establishments that provide Dragon Tiger typically consist of various alternative side bets to bring the Edge back into line with the House.

How to Play Dragon Tiger Card Games

The Game’s Objective

Dragon Tiger begins at a very fundamental level. Gamble whether the hand will be higher, Dragon or Tiger. However, the game is made more difficult by the abundance of bonuses.

The Game_s Objective

Several players can take part in the same game at the same time. It’s similar to Online Baccarat in that many players can participate simultaneously.

Due to the rarity of Dragon Tiger games on land, you should prepare to play with a large group of people.

Basic Rules

At the outset, a single card is handed to the Dragon and the Tiger, and no more cards are drawn. The value of the card determines the outcome. The smallest letter is A, while the most significant letter is K. When both are equal, we call it a draw.

Basic Rules

Bets can be placed on either the “Dragon” or “Tiger” outcomes or on a “Tie” outcome.

Values are ordered from largest to smallest, with K at the top and A at the bottom. When they are the same, it is a tie. (K>Q>J>10>9>8>7>6>>4>3>2>A)

How to Play Dragon Tiger?

Playing Dragon Tiger is relatively easy to pick up and understand. The Dragon betting position on the table receives one card, while the Tiger betting position receives one. Both positions get their cards. The winning bet position is determined by which one receives the highest card.

How to Play Dragon Tiger Card Games

You, the player, can place your wagers on either the Dragon, the Tiger, or the Tie. The cards with the lowest natural value are aces, followed by the cards with the next lowest biological value, and so on, up to the king, the card with the most incredible natural value.

Introduction to the Jackpot

At the beginning of the Jackpot event, a predetermined share of the total wagers placed by all participants will be allocated to the Jackpot pot.

Introduction to the Jackpot

Players can win a share of the Jackpot whenever they place a wager on any game. Visitors are not permitted to take part in the Jackpot game.

Rules for a Secret Mission

Players who make eligible wagers during the active Mystery quest event can initiate a quest.

Rules for a Secret Mission
  • The player’s active wager determines the specifics of the Mystery Mission.
  • There will be tiers of difficulty for the same task in the game, with the rewards increasing with the level of challenge.
  • When a mission’s timer runs out, the task and all progress made inside it will expire immediately.
  • Players can quit the current quest anytime if they are unhappy.
  • Each game interface will have a different quest, with each subgame including exactly one objective.
  • If you switch games in the middle of a task, it won’t start up again.
  • No hidden-object puzzles will be activated for guest players.


Dragon Tiger at 747Live is a simple, fast-paced card game that’s easy to understand and play. The goal is to gamble on whether the Dragon or Tiger hand will feature a higher-ranked card with regular 52-card decks. The game is simple and exciting, with only three outcomes: Dragon wins, Tiger wins, or a draw. Players must comprehend betting possibilities, card values, and tie regulations. By learning these principles, gamers may enjoy Dragon Tiger while testing their luck and strategy.

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