Shanghai Beauty Slot Machine Review

Jili Games has created an engaging and visually appealing online slot game called Shanghai Beauty. This slot game has high-quality graphics in vibrant colors, dark red reels within a red frame, and a stunning animated female singer performing in a cabaret above the matrix. Visually, the game is quite appealing.

Shanghai Beauty

Overview of the Game

Shanghai Beauty is a slot machine with 5 reels and 50 different paylines. In this instance, the payoff table comprises nine standard symbols: a saxophone, phonograph, microphone, and drum. Additionally, the playing card emblems are depicted in vivid colors. Naturally, the enticing vocalist should serve as the game’s wild symbol. 

Shanghai Beauty Overview

She awards the most valuable rewards available in the game. She may take the place of any of the game’s standard symbols anytime she can complete a winning combination for the player. One more unique icon may be found in this game, which takes the form of a heart-shaped jewel. To unlock a bonus game that awards three free re-spins, you need at least four symbols to appear anywhere on the reels. 

Whenever you play this bonus game, you’ll notice that the layout extends to accommodate more hearts that appear on the reels. They will remain in their positions and show off a particular financial award. The counting starts at three every time a new heart is discovered. The bonus round will conclude when there are no more hearts to appear on the reels or when all 40 spots have been filled. At that point, the player will be given all the rewards presented.

Jili’s Shanghai Beauty Slot Machine Bonus Game

Shanghai Beauty Bonus Game
  • If four or more hearts are in the main game, you will enter the bonus game and be given three more chances.
  • Any heart that appears during a round of the bonus game will be frozen, and the number of respins you get will be reset to three.
  • The starting layout of the bonus game is 4×5, and players must gather hearts to grow the size of the board to an eventual maximum of 8×5.
  • To access the 5×5 board configuration, you must amass 8 hearts on the board.
  • You can access the 6×5 layout if you have accumulated 12 hearts on the board.
  • To access the 7×5 board configuration, you must amass 16 hearts on the board.
  • You can access the 8×5 layout if you have accumulated 20 hearts on the board.
  • If all 40 hearts on the board have been collected, the bonus game will be over before it has finished.

How to Achieve Shanghai Beauty Jili’s Slot Machine

How to Achieve Shanghai Beauty

The Shanghai Beauty slot machine makes it simple to win since all that is required of you is to succeed and obtain three symbols or more on any of the paylines that go from the far left to the right. The Wild symbol triggers the highest possible reward in this game, and if you are fortunate enough to land five of these symbols on a payline, your line wager will be multiplied by a whopping 10,000 times.

Slot Machine Paytable Chart

The paytables for the Shanghai Beauty online slot machine offer players a one-of-a-kind and incredibly intriguing variety of winning combinations from which to choose. Players may win prizes in several ways depending on their chosen combination.

Slot Machine Paytable Chart

Features and Format of the Game

Features and Format of the Game
  • 50 paylines over 5 reels and 4 rows of symbols.
  • Free Games can add as many as 5 reels and 8 rows.
  • Combinations involving wild beauty for an improved and simpler payline.
  • The video slot known as Shanghai Beauty has 5 reels, 4 rows, and 50 paylines.
  • Bet line winnings are only paid out if they occur in consecutive order beginning with the reel to the left and moving to the right, as specified by the paytable.
  • The maximum amount of money that may be won on each line is the only amount that will be paid out.
  • Payouts are calculated by multiplying the total bet by the fractional value of 50.
  • If for some reason, during the round of the game, there is a problem that prevents the winner from being determined, then that round of the tournament will not count.


Yes, the game offers various betting options to accommodate different player preferences. You can adjust the bet amount by selecting the appropriate coin value and the number of coins per line.

Yes, the Shanghai Beauty slot machine is available for real money to play at 747 Live online casinos. Create an account, make a deposit, and you’ll be ready to spin the reels for a chance to win real cash prizes.

Yes, 747 Live online casino offers a free play or demo version of Shanghai Beauty. This allows players to try the game without wagering real money. Remember that while you won’t win real money in the demo mode, it’s a great way to familiarize yourself with the gameplay and features.

The potential winnings in the game depend on various factors, including your bet amount and the combinations of symbols you land. Consult the game’s paytable to understand each symbol’s value and corresponding payouts. Remember, the higher your bet, the higher the potential winnings.


The Shanghai Beauty slot machine is a compelling game that skillfully mixes the adrenaline-pumping excitement of gambling with the sophisticated allure of Chinese culture. This game provides players of all skill levels with a once-in-a-lifetime gaming experience under its mesmerizing aesthetics, exciting gameplay, and the possibility of garnering large prizes. By playing this fantastic slot game, you may take a trip to Shanghai without leaving the comfort of your home and fully experience the city’s charm and attractiveness. So get, visit 747 Live to try the game’s demo version! 

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