Live Football Betting in the Philippines

Fans of the beautiful game enjoy partaking in betting on football, and 747 Live provides access to a wide range of football betting markets for those interested in participating. Betting in real-time, often known as live betting or in-play betting, is a particularly fascinating choice. Live betting allows you to put bets during the action of a game, in contrast to traditional betting, which requires you to make your picks before the game even begins.

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What is Football Betting?

You can observe the teams’ actual performance before making your decisions when you bet on live football. On the other hand, you have to rely on your forecasts and assumptions when betting on a sport in advance. You can evaluate the teams’ strengths, weaknesses, and momentum by watching how the game plays out, which can help you make more educated betting decisions.

What is Football Betting

At 747 Live, we understand punters have varying interests, so we provide a comprehensive selection of in-play wagering options related to football. Betting on the first half, betting on the Asian total, and betting on both teams to score are just some of the popular alternatives. These betting markets offer a variety of ways to get involved in the game and earn from your predictions through various betting options.

How to Bet on Live Football?

Betting on football in 747 Live, or any other live betting platform, typically follows a straightforward process. First, you must create an account with 747 Live and deposit funds. Once you have funds available, navigate to the live football betting section. A list of matches that are ongoing can be found there. Select the game you want to bet on, and you’ll be presented with a range of betting options, such as match result, next goal scorer, total goals, and more.

How to Bet on Live Football

As the game progresses, the odds for these bets will fluctuate in real time based on the action on the field. To place a bet, click on your chosen option, enter the amount you want to wager, and confirm the bet. Keep a close eye on the match and be ready to adjust your bets as the game unfolds. 

Different Live Football Bets You Can Make

When betting on live football, fans and gamblers have various fascinating alternatives. The following is a brief introduction to some of the many live football bets that are available to you:

Different Live Football Bets You Can Make


A half-bet covers all of the outcomes that are possible for a match. A score of 1 indicates a victory for the home team, x indicates a tie, and 2 shows a win for the visiting team. When you place this kind of wager, you can forecast the game’s result.

Asian Handicap

Spread betting is betting in which a handicap is added to the margin of victory. One type of spread betting is known as an Asian handicap. The team that is expected to win must overcome a certain number of goals, while the team that is considered to have a lower chance of winning is given a head start with a certain number of purposes.

Double Chance

You can wager two of the three potential outcomes when you place a double-chance bet. You may wager on Team A to win the match or on the game ending in a draw.

First Goal

One of the most common live wagers is placed on the player who scores the game’s first goal. You can pick the team you think will achieve the game’s first goal, or you may boost your chances of winning by selecting a player to score the game’s first goal.

Both Teams to Score

Predicting whether or not both teams will notch at least one goal during the game is required for this bet. If both teams put the ball in the back of the net, the game’s outcome is irrelevant.


When you participate in a bet called “halftime/fulltime, ” you predict the score at halftime and fulltime.” For instance, you may place a bet on Team A, taking the lead at halftime, but the game ends in a tie.


Bets that are put during live football matches can also be placed on the number of corners that the bettor anticipates will be taken during the game. In football, hubs and other set plays play an important role.

Draw No Bet

Because draws occur frequently in football and can throw off your betting slip, you can “draw no bet,” which cancels out your wager if the game ends in a draw. It offers an additional layer of protection for your bet.

Live Betting Tips and Techniques

Going into live betting with a clear perspective is essential to maximize your chances of winning. To make the most out of your experience betting on live football, here are some suggestions and strategies:

Live Betting Tips and Techniques
  • Attend the Matches in Real-time: If you watch the games in real-time, you will have a far greater comprehension of the action as it takes place.
  • Make Use of the Info at Your Disposal: Before you place any bets, it is essential to use the facts and conduct an extensive study. This can provide beneficial insights regarding the performance of the teams.
  • Strive to be Objective: In your best interest, avoid betting on the team you root for because personal bias can impair judgment. When making judgments regarding gambling, it is critical to keep an objective mindset.
  • Maintaining Coherence in Pre-game Wagering: It is in your best interest to avoid placing live wagers during the game that go against the pre-match bets you placed. Maintaining a strategic strategy is easier to do with consistency.

The Benefits of Betting on Football in Real Time

Bets placed during live games of football come with several benefits, including the following:

The Benefits of Betting on Football in Real Time
  • Extra Chances to Wager on a Game or Event: Bets can be placed during live events even if the bettor did not have the opportunity to do so before the commencement of the match. Thanks to this, you will have an additional opportunity to get engaged and make predictions while the game progresses. In addition, you may come across markets and betting alternatives that were only available after the contest.
  • A Reaction to the Action Taken: Football games have the potential to be exciting and unpredictable due to the many factors that affect the performance of a team. Live betting allows you to react to the action as it happens, allowing you to evaluate the present form of the teams and make judgments well-informed by the game’s development.
  • Locating the Value: You can find value in your bets by taking advantage of the opportunities presented by the dynamic nature of live betting markets. As the match progresses, the chances will likely shift, and you may eventually run across more favorable odds with more enormous potential profits. This may benefit you if you are dissatisfied with the pricing before the match.
  • Payouts Made Instantly: Instant payouts are available for live football bets placed with 747 Live. You will only need to hold out to collect your prize money for a short time. The fast and smooth way winnings are dispersed contributes to an improved betting experience overall.

Why Participate in Live Football Betting in the Philippines?

Why Participate in Live Football Betting in the Philippines

747 Live is the best online betting destination for those interested in live football betting. It provides users with access to a diverse choice of in-play betting markets that span major leagues from all over the world. You can instantly get started and place your live bets thanks to rapid deposits and withdrawals, which allows you to capitalize on the value in your betting slips and get the most out of your betting experience. In addition, 747 Live offers a wide variety of sports betting specials and incentives consistently, improving the betting experience. Begin your trip into the world of live football betting at 747 Live today and take advantage of the fantastic value the football odds offer.


Yes, live football betting is legal in the Philippines and is regulated by PAGCOR.

Many online sportsbooks in the Philippines offer live betting options for international matches.

Key strategies include staying updated on match developments, effective bankroll management, and utilizing live streaming for real-time information.


Live football betting in the Philippines provides both football fans and bettors with an experience that is not only entertaining but also has the potential to be profitable. It is a great moment to discover the world of live football betting in the Philippines due to the sport’s growing popularity and the ease of 747 Live betting sites.

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