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Pong Pong Hu

Are you prepared to become engrossed in one of the best Fa Chai slot games, an exciting mahjong-themed online slot experience? This enthralling concept comes to life thanks to Pong Pong Hu, conceived by and created by Fa Chai. The game has an elegant frame enclosing bronze and green reels, tile-like symbols, an instructive paytable positioned above the grid, and a backdrop ornamented with pictures of tiles, dice, and golden nuggets. The overall design of the game is quite pleasing to the eye.

Game’s Overview

In Pong Pong Hu, the action takes place over four reels, with the first three functioning as standard reels while a fourth one is meant for bonus features, which guarantees an exciting and enjoyable gameplay experience. You will find that there are five typical symbols within the payoff hierarchy. These range from solitary and double green tiles to singular and dual red tiles and the highly prized triple red mahjong tile. You may get prizes by collecting three of the same symbol, but remember that a trio of any red, green, or mix of other tiles also promises to award you with plentiful returns.

Pong Pong Hu slot machine

As you go on this exhilarating journey, you must keep a close watch on the fourth reel, where you will find the additional rewards that will increase the intensity of the excitement. If you can form a winning combination over the first three reels, you can open a realm of possibilities. These possibilities include lucrative multipliers, additional payouts, and an intriguing offer of up to five re-spins, which increases your chances of winning. Pong Pong Hu is set to give a mahjong-themed slot experience unlike any other, inviting you to unearth its treasures and take pleasure in its one-of-a-kind allure in preparation for this momentous occasion.

Pong Pong Hu: Guide on How to Play the Best Fa Chai Slot Game

You will be awarded prizes according to the game’s paytable if you line up identical symbols in particular patterns. By consulting the paytable, you may learn the rules for producing winning combinations and the values that individual characters are worth.

Please pay close attention to the feature on the fourth reel and any possibilities for re-spins that may present themselves. These can improve your odds of winning and offer an extra element of excitement to the overall gaming.

The Paytable of Pong Pong Hu

The Pong Pong Hu paytable is located on top of the slot machine with eight different winning outcomes and three bonus features.

Pong Pong Hu paytable

The paytable is standard enough with low prize outcomes and largest prizes without any extra pay and reward multipliers and the bonuses, which are the following:

  • 2 and 20 Extra Pay
  • 2x, 5x, 20x Reward Multiplier
  • 1-5 Random Respins

Reward Spin and Rules of the Payline

Only the payment resulting from an active payline will be awarded the reward positioned in the middle of the fourth reel. During the time that you are using the respins that you have won, there is an exciting potential that you will secure anywhere from one to five extra respins, all while maintaining the same starting stake.

Pong Pong Hu Mega Win

To be eligible for a payment, the symbols on the reels must be aligned in a left-to-right sequence while complying with the specific reward combinations and criteria. It is essential to remember that the maximum bonus that can be won through any given payline is the only one that may be awarded.

Why Pong Pong Hu FC Slots Are Popular

Several different things have contributed to the success of Pong Pong Hu FC Slot Machines throughout the years. A gaming environment that can’t be topped is created by the excitement of turning the reels, the hope of winning a jackpot, and the adrenaline surge from participating in bonus rounds. In addition, the fact that the platform is dedicated to offering exceptional customer assistance helps further solidify the platform’s standing among gamers.


You can deposit money into your 747 Live account to play Pong Pong Hu slot machines using various payment methods, such as credit/debit cards, e-wallets, and bank transfers.

When you win at Pong Pong Hu using the 747 Live casino platform, your money is typically credited to your account and can be withdrawn following the withdrawal policies.

Some Pong Pong Hu offer free demo versions, allowing players to practice and enjoy the games without risking real money.


Pong Pong Hu FC Slot provides excitement, ease, and fairness, completely revolutionizing online gambling. Register for an account at 747 Live immediately to take advantage of the online slot machine and casino games that provide the highest RTP (Return to Player) rates. When you make a deposit, you have the chance to get a bonus that is three times as large as usual.

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