Ali Baba Slot Machine Review

The Ali Baba Slot Machine draws inspiration from the timeless tale of Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves. Developed by Jili, this slot game combines vibrant graphics, immersive sound effects, and engaging gameplay to transport players into a world of Arabian folklore. The machine is set against a backdrop of a desert oasis, with symbols depicting characters and objects from the story.

Ali Baba

Overview of the Game

Ali Baba Slot Machine from JILI Slots is an exciting game. There are 32,400 rows and mega ways in this slot. The Arabian theme of the game is brought to life by the game’s impressive graphics, which include thieves, a ring, a blade, golden coins, a dais, a princess, and number figures.

Ali Baba Overview

The story of Alibaba comes from a series of stories called “One Thousand and One Nights.” It is one of the best-known “Arabian Nights” stories, and it has been told many times worldwide. People say that Ali Baba was a poor woodcutter who found a place where thieves lived. Saying “Open Sesame” was all it took to get into this strange hiding place. 

When the thieves find out that Ali Baba has found the secret den, they try to kill him, but his loyal slave girl stops them and kills them. Alibaba keeps quiet about the treasure-filled den, and his son marries the slave girl. In this game, we can see Ali Baba, the girl, and one of the thieves, these are the central characters in the narrative. The game takes place at night in an Arabian town, where gold and jewels sparkle and shine in the foreground. Many images that have to do with the Middle East add to the theme.

Treasure Chest Multiplier Symbols

Only X1 will show up when you’re playing the game. You must first gather and accumulate the multiplier of one or more treasure box symbols on the board, then multiply that multiplier by the winning score of that elimination, and continue to do so until you can no longer remove it. Only then will you be eligible for the reward.

Treasure Chest Multiplier Symbols

In the unpaid version of the game, X1 through X4 will be chosen randomly by the reel! The multiplier of one or more treasure box symbols on the board can be gathered and accumulated until the conclusion of the free game, regardless of whether or not there is an elimination.

Along with the Skyfall, the treasure box multiplier sign will be removed during the process that clears the board of its previous contents (resetting the board).

Slot Machine Paytable Chart

The paytables for the Ali Baba online slot machine provide a unique and exciting variety of winning combinations for players to choose from.

Ali Baba Slot Machine Paytable Chart

Play Jili’s Ali Baba Slot Machine

Play Jili_s Ali Baba Slot Machine
  • Bet line winnings are only paid out if they occur in consecutive order beginning with the reel on the left and moving to the right, as specified by the paytable.
  • The maximum payline is 32,400 mega ways.
  • Only the most lucrative reward associated with each payline is taken into consideration.
  • Winnings equal bet multiplied by pay.
  • If for some reason, during the round of the game, there is a problem that prevents the winner from being determined, then that round of the tournament will not count.

Bonus Free Game of Jili’s Ali Baba

Bonus Free Game of Jili_s Ali Baba

The reels will spin in a random pattern to decide the multiplier for the treasure box before the start of the free game! The outcome of the option will determine the multiplier that will apply to the symbol of the treasure box in the free game; this multiplier may go as high as X4! The multiplier you choose will also serve as the initial cumulative multiplier for the bonus game you get for free!

Wild and Scatter Symbols

Wild and Scatter Symbols
  • A lengthy wild consists of four conventional wild cards strung together. Only the first row of the reel has instances of it.
  • Every wild in the game can change into any other symbol outside the Scatter.
  • You can join the free game (10 games) in the usual game mode if you have four Scatter Cards. If you have more than four Scatter Cards, you can receive two more games for each additional Scatter.
  • In the free game, you need to collect 4 Scatter to keep playing the free game (which has a maximum of 10 rounds), and you can gain 2 extra games for each additional Scatter that you collect.


Yes, playing the Ali Baba Slot Machine with real money bets offers the chance to win real money prizes. However, it is essential to keep in mind that gambling involves risk and does not guarantee success.

The RTP of the Ali Baba Slot Machine can vary depending on the specific game version and the online casino you’re playing at. Generally, it ranges between 95% and 97%, indicating the average percentage of wagered money the machine will pay back to players over time.

While slot machines have no foolproof betting strategy, some players may employ progressive betting or varying bet sizes. However, it’s important to remember that these strategies do not guarantee wins and should be used cautiously.

If you experience any technical issues while playing the Ali Baba Slot Machine, such as game freezing or connectivity problems, first try refreshing the page or restarting the app. If the issue persists, contact the customer support of the online casino you’re playing at. They will assist you in resolving any technical difficulties you may encounter.


In conclusion, the Ali Baba Slot Machine offers an exhilarating gaming experience with its captivating theme, stunning visuals, and engaging gameplay. Its innovative features, such as the interactive bonus rounds and rewarding free spin rounds, keep players entertained and on the edge of their seats. The incorporation of iconic characters and symbols from the famous tale adds an extra layer of excitement and immersion. With its smooth mechanics and fair payouts, the Ali Baba Slot Machine is a top choice for both casual players and avid slot enthusiasts in 747 Live

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