RomaX Jili’s Slot Machine Review

Take on the challenge of the Fierce Lion and the ongoing Combo Battle. Will the Goddess of Fortune appear to increase the benefits you receive? Jili Gaming is responsible for developing the famous RomaX Slot Machine, which features a free spin round and a sensation reminiscent of other slot machines. In addition, as an added perk, we will be pitted against lions in the Colosseum. The maximum multiplier for the bonus is 500 times.


Overview of the Game

The player will be escorted to a battle in the Roman arena once the bonus game has been activated, and the outcome of the coin flip will determine whether or not the duel will end in death for either of the combatants. The bonus game is over once the warrior has been assaulted for the third time, and the war lion plays an aggressive offense and defense.

romax overview

If the player’s winning combination is removed in a row after entering the free spins round of the slot game, they can collect blue gems and boost the total number of spins available to them again. This is excellent news for players, as it indicates that we have a virtually unlimited number of chances to spin the wheel and win the reward.

The player has a more negligible probability of accessing the bonus game in the game compared to the likelihood of receiving free spins. Still, if they manage to enter the Roman Arena, they will often be able to obtain many advantages and leave with their load wholly filled.

RomaX Paytable Chart

The reward multiplier on the paytable might appear extremely impressive to players, particularly the female warrior with the best chances.

RomaX Paytable Chart

RomaX Special Features 

RomaX Special Features

In this popular elimination game played on a 3×5 board, players can enter the free game by successfully eliminating their opponents four times in a row. However, the excitement reaches new heights when three Bonus symbols align on the winning line, triggering an instant bonus challenge. Get ready to test your skills and luck in this thrilling game of strategy and chance.

Slot Machine Bonus and Free Game

Slot Machine Bonus and Free Game
  • A bonus game can be activated in a primary game when there are three Bonus icons on a win line. This is one of the requirements.
  • When a fighter receives damage during the bonus game rounds, they lose one stamina. This happens after each round. When stamina reaches 0, the bonus game will conclude.
  • Choose one of these three alternatives at the beginning of each battle to obtain a lion, a single sword, or dual swords at random.
  • Win prizes by either attacking the lion or defending against the lion’s assaults (the lion does have a chance to dodge the fighter’s attack).
  • Clearing four or more challenges in a single round of the regular game will earn you a bonus game.
  • By winning 4, 5, 6, and 7 in a row within the same round, you may receive 3, 5, 10, and 20 free games, respectively.
  • When playing a free game, if you collect 4, 5, 6, 7 in the same round, you will also receive 3, 5, 10, and 20 more free games.
  • Dual swords – Bet x 20
  • Single sword – Bet x 10
  • lion – Bet x 3

Play the ROMA X Slot Machine

The Jili Games slot machine RomaX does not have excessive prize symbols. By collecting 5, you can receive 1,000 times the bonus. This is not even remotely doable by itself. You need to participate in the free or bonus games to be eligible for large bonuses.

Play the RomaX Slot Machine

This is a jackpot slot game that is quick and easy to play. A portion of the player’s wager will be added to the pot for the progressive prize. While many players eagerly continue to gamble and jack up the jackpot in anticipation of the bonus game, you should try it out to experience the legend. After all, the duel scene in has a high barrier to admission, and for the typical player, viewing it even once will significantly impact their gameplay.


The amount of money a player wins and how frequently they do so are aspects of a game’s volatility. The greater the bonus, but the lower the volatility, the higher the probability of winning; The probability of winning increases with lower volatility, but the bonus decreases; Additionally, the bonus is greater, but the volatility is lower, resulting in a lower probability of winning.

Roma X is now one of the top online slot machines that can be found, and 747 Live is responsible for providing thousands of them. In the Jili slot section, players can test out a demo slot if they want to.

You must begin by being familiar with all the guidelines and jargon specific to the various slot machines. You are welcome to use the demo version of the machine to familiarize yourself with the nuances of each game before wagering any real money. You will quickly learn what sort of slot machine best matches your playing style.


Overall, the RomaX slot machine is one of the luckiest games in the casino. This game combines the traditional slot machine with the more recent video online casino games, and there are many playing modes available for you to choose from. It incentivizes you to play by providing a range of gaming amusement, such as the Combo Play, the Gamble Feature, and many more fantastic bonus games available at 747 Live.

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