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Chinese New Year

If you have not yet found out what a fantastic playing slot machine the Chinese New Year slot from FC Slot is, then it is really about time you tracked down that slot machine and gave it some play time, for when you activate its bonus game, you are in for an exciting time, there is no doubt about it. 

Game Details and Info

Chinese New Year free spins

According to urban legend, a beast known as the Nian Beast was said to have made its appearance in the wilderness during the Spring Festival. The Nian Beast was a particularly vicious creature that, at midnight, would break into people’s homes and consume them. People erected a large bonfire and fired firecrackers outside their homes to drive away the Nian Beast. Free games are triggered whenever a firecracker symbol appears on each slot machine’s reel.

Free Game for the Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year free game
  • The free game will be activated when the Scatter symbol appears on all five of the game’s wheels.
  • When applying a multiplier, it may change depending on the number. If there are more than five, the lowest possible multiplier will be three, and the highest possible multiplier will be seventy-two.
  • If the symbol appears on five or more wheels during the free game, the player will be awarded 13 additional free games.
  • Multiple free games can be obtained for up to one hundred games.
  • If the free game is re-triggered, the multiplier will remain the same as in the initial instance in which the free game was activated.
  • When the system is in the auto status and disconnected for more than ten seconds with no operations being performed, it will start up automatically.

Experience the Excitement of the Chinese New Year Slot Online

We are thrilled to share the fantastic Chinese New Year slot game, which offers numerous opportunities for celebration and the chance to win enticing rewards. This game features beautifully crafted and vibrant symbols representing the animals of the Chinese zodiac. With five reels and 15 adjustable paylines, it’s a game that promises endless excitement.

Chinese New Year exciting big win

When you play the Chinese New Year slot, you open the door to potentially lucrative cash prizes. The team behind this game has put tremendous effort into creating stunning visuals, ensuring an enjoyable experience. Try this incredible slot game from FC Slot, land some high-quality symbols, and aim for the jackpot. It’s an experience you will need to exploit!

Symbols and Special Features of the Game

Every play on the Chinese New Year FC Slot Machine takes you through this joyful event. The game’s emblems and elements are painstakingly developed to bring Chinese New Year to life on screen. The reels’ intriguing symbols and thrilling features make this slot machine an engaging experience. Discover what makes your gaming session lively and gratifying.

Festive Symbols

Chinese New Year Special Symbols

The Chinese New Year FC Slot Machine is adorned with symbols that capture the essence of the Chinese New Year celebration. These symbols add visual appeal to the game and enhance its overall theme. Here are some of the key symbols you’ll encounter:

  • Red Lanterns: Red lanterns symbolize good luck and prosperity in Chinese culture. In the game, they often represent scatter symbols that can trigger bonus rounds or free spins.
  • Firecrackers: Firecrackers are a traditional part of Chinese New Year celebrations, believed to ward off evil spirits. In the slot machine, these explosive symbols may lead to exciting bonus features.
  • Chinese Zodiac Animals: The twelve Chinese zodiac animals are often featured as symbols in the game. Each animal is associated with different attributes and can bring various rewards.

Payline Regulations for Chinese New Year Slot

A combination bonus is awarded if adjacent patterns on the roller are combined in the direction from left to right. If any failure prevents any game result from being determined, the game will be canceled.

Chinese New Year Slots: How to Play

It will be thrilling and give you plenty of fun and winning possibilities to play slots like the Chinese New Year game. All that is required to play it is to choose a stake and then click or touch its spin button, which will then send the reels spinning. Playing slots like the Chinese New Year slot game will provide you with plenty of winning opportunities.

Chinese New Year feature 1

The pay tables linked to each slot machine will tell you not only what you have the potential to win while playing for any bet but also how the bonus games are activated and how they are played. You can locate these pay tables by looking for the words “pay table” next to each slot machine.


To start, let’s talk about China’s New Year. It has stunning animations and graphics, all contributing to a gaming experience. You will have a chance to initiate the free spins bonus round when you are spinning the game’s reels, allowing you to increase the amount you have potentially won.

The high-valued symbol on the lottery ticket has the potential to bring you a large sum of money. If you successfully land the dragon or monkey symbol, you will be eligible for several free spins and a bonus game.

Yes, most online casinos provide the game, and many times, they include it as part of their promotional package. There is a possibility that the welcome bonus money that is made available to new players at a particular casino would be set aside only for the Chinese New Year lottery.


During the preparations you are making for the forthcoming celebrations of the Chinese New Year, why not add some excitement to the mix by playing the Chinese New Year FC Slot Machine? It is a great way to usher in the Year of the right zodiac animal here in 747 Live because of its festive nature and the potential to win appealing gifts, and it is a beautiful method to do so.

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