The Famous Cai Shen Fishing Online Game

This game allows all players to enjoy its enticing features, including its visual appearance, smooth gameplay, and high reward percentage, in addition to the possibility of activating bonus rounds.

Cai Shen Fishing

What is Cai Shen Fishing?

Cai Shen Fishing is an online fishing game with great quality features, enabling players to receive great points for big fish. This game is amazingly developed by JDB, a well-known online slot and fishing game software provider, with unique sounds and gameplay, giving players new luck. 

What is Cai Shen Fishing?

How To Play Cai Shen Fishing

When playing Cai Shen Fishing, players must remember the following:

How to play Cai Shen Fishing?
  • Cai Shen Fishing is a game where more than one person can fish simultaneously. The player’s bullet will go in the direction of the gun. 
  • If a bullet strikes the side of the game screen, it will bounce around until it hits a fish, where the game will decide what happens. 
  • In the game, each person can only use up to 10 bullets. The bet for each bullet is different. Even if you change how the gun is set up, the shots won’t change.
  • Fishing Players will purchase ammunition upon starting the game interface. 
  • Apart from aiming at the targets, the player can add various features to improve their chances of winning. 
  • Players must remember that each fish has a different value. The more fish you hit, the more coins you get. 
  • The winnings can be withdrawn by the players from their accounts when the game is over or exchanged for real money or scratch cards, or game cards.

Game Features

with its online game features, many players will be enticed to play. Because of the very high payout provided online and the game’s user interface, that gives everyone comfort to play and play while winning. 

  • Red envelope winners can get up to 1,000 times their money.
  • You can win up to 1000X when you get CAI SHEN FA FA FA.
  • If you get CAI SHEN, you can win 100–300X.
  • Up to 200 times your money if you win Wheel of Fortune.
  • When you win Fortune Bazooka, you can get anywhere from 20 to 100 free bullets and receive up to 999 free bullets again.
  • Allows multiple people to play online, with gaming rooms as an option First-timer, pro, and Cai Shen

Cai Shen Fishing Paytable

The Cai Shen Fishing paytable is the payout that displays the winning combination in the Cai Shen Fishing game. It lists the different fish symbols and their corresponding values, as well as the payout amounts for special symbols like the famous Cai Shen Fa Fa Fa and Special Weapon Mega Drill.

Cai Shen Fishing paytable

Cai Shen Fa Fa Fa

Catching Cai Shen Fa Fa Fa symbols or hitting fish with shots from their guns allows players to activate additional rewards in the game. Bettors may also increase their chances of winning by catching Cai Shen Fa Fa Fa symbols. Have fun with the red envelope, and good luck winning the primary prize, which ranges from 2X to 1000X.

Wheel Of Fortune

The unique game will be triggered when players get the Wheel Of Fortune. Find a place to try your fortune, and you can get up to 40X to 200X.

Cai Shen Coming

Players will help each other to boost a lucky bonus when Cai Shen appears. Hit as much as possible to get the opportunity to get 100X to 300X winnings.

Special Weapon: Fortune Bazooka

When the players activate the Fortune Bazooka mode, they will get 10X winnings 1st, then add 20 to 100 free bullets randomly, and it will be based on their luck. The system is free of weapons up to 999 times. You can now play another round of Fortune Bazooka using the money you won.

Special Weapon: Mega Drill

Special weapon Mega Drill is where you can obtain 10X 1st and a free hit of Mega Drill when the fire can get the fishes along the same path until it is destroyed and explodes in the ocean (except for the Mega Drill and the Fortune Bazooka). The Mega Drill cannot be used when it is frozen.

What Makes Cai Shen Fishing Exciting to Play?

Cai Shen’s presence in this online fishing game adds an atmosphere of wealth and prosperity, creating a feeling of good fortune for players. It appears as wild and scatter symbols and can trigger the Golden Fish Bonus, offering even bigger rewards. 

Cai Shen Fishing paytable

Players may also have a lucky charm on their side while playing, which can enhance the excitement of the gameplay. Cai Shen’s presence adds extra excitement and anticipation to the game, making playing even more rewarding.

Cai Shen Fishing Tips and Tricks for Bigger Payouts

Players can improve their gameplay and potentially hit the jackpot by applying these tips and tricks. We’ll share some of the strategies for Cai Shen Fishing to help players maximize their winnings and enjoy the game even more.

Cai Shen Fishing tips and tricks

Free Fishing Game

It is recommended that you begin by participating in the free fishing gameplay if you are a new user. It is to prevent your money from falling, and simultaneously, you can enjoy it without any doubts. This way, you can create and think of strategies to implement the next time you play for real money.

Hit Groups of Fish

When players are following a group of more than ten fish, they are required to use level 2 bullets and shoot the fish continually from three to five times. As a direct consequence, the player will be awarded a substantial quantity of cash derived from the slaughter of the little fish. On the other hand, only seasoned fishermen capable of striking correctly and accurately should attempt to use this technique. 

Hit the Big Fish at the Right Time

Because the result of this trick is attractive, it is used by many. This way suits high-stakes players because big fish require a lot of ammunition and powerful weapons.

Mustache Strategy

This is the most widely used tactic because it is highly effective and accurate. This strategy will require the player to kill many small fishes, one bullet each. When the player continues like this, he will kill the big fish that the bullets from the previous players will hit.


Cai Shen Fishing is an exciting and engaging arcade fishing game online. Players can earn money with this happy fishing game and play with the Android app. Players can win multiple jackpots by understanding the paytable and applying some tips and tricks. Cai Shen Fishing offers a thrilling and rewarding experience that will keep you hooked. So start catching fishes through 747 Live today!

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