Exploring the Unique Features and Mechanics of Jackpot Fishing

Dive into the exciting world of Jackpot Fishing by JILI, where you can reel in big wins and explore unique features and functions. With captivating graphics, thrilling gameplay, and the chance to hit the Jackpot, this online fishing game will keep you hooked for hours. Come to join us as we take a more in-depth look at what defines Jackpot Fishing from the rest of the competition.

Jackpot Fishing game

Mechanics of Jackpot Fishing Game

Many use a wide range of applicability, and here’s how the infrastructure of Jackpot Fishing helps out its players.

Mechanics of Jackpot Fishing

The three different game modes available:

  • Pleasure room – 0.1–50 Bet Limit
  • King Room – 1 – 100 Bet Limit
  • King Room (VIP) – 1 – 100 Bet Limit

The Unique Capability of the Weapon

There are two variations on this game that you can go with:

  • Torpedoes are extraordinarily lethal weapons. Helpful in catching massive fish. The current stake will be multiplied by six if you push the button. 
  • Electric guns are a kind of unique, freely available weapon. The stakes we’ve placed on the game have led to energy buildup. After it has been gathered in full, it may be used once. The rifle is powerful enough to instantly slaughter all the fish in the pond.

Players may choose from the following gaming platforms in the main menu. Swap Room Button. The location is at the upper left of the screen. It’s used to move to a higher-limit accommodation. In-game information for examining mechanics and winning odds. The player may turn off the Volume Controls Audio. Activities are the game’s version of minigames. The meeting time may be verified.

Performance at random if we set the cannon to fire automatically, players can choose the fish they want to kill. Then you get to decide how many baht to fire. Also, many species of fish are selected for the shootout. And the gun will discharge its rounds in an unpredictable order.

With the locking of targets, you can choose which fish you want to kill. In addition, the pistol will keep firing until the fish dies. Alternatively, the fish may just swim away.

Jackpot Fishing Features

There are different jackpot fishing game features to choose from that players typically need to trigger the bonus round by hitting specific fish with great weapons. Each fish caught will reveal a prize; if the player is lucky enough to catch the jackpot fish, they will win the top prize.

Jackpot Fishing features

The following is the list of features in Jackpot Fishing:

Effect Fish

After the kill, nearby fish will be shocked, triggering Chain Lightning and the targeted fish to explode. Torpedoes with three different areas for a chance to catch the fish within the blast range. And create a Whirlpool in the same place for a chance to trap fish in the range.


Click on the Torpedo to switch to the Artillery, and the torpedoes will be able to inflict greater damage on the giant fish. X6 will be deducted from the current bet for each Torpedo. 

Special Fish 

When the unique fish emerges on the screen, players can consecutively acquire the fundamental multiplier rate by hitting for the possibility of winning a five-time super win!

Immortal Ocean King 

You have a chance to consecutively win prizes by shooting the Ocean King. 

Treasure Bowl

By shooting the treasure bowl, you can hit the Critical Jackpot! 

Jackpot System

In this feature, players must bet more than 5, 10,80 for re-multiplied Jackpot Dragon, Fish, Treasure Bowl, Immortal Ocean King, and Special Fish Species.

Free Electronic Cannon

Players using this free electronic cannon will accumulate energy that will cause a large-range attack on the fish. The cannon energy is converted according to the proportion of the bet you select. The energy will disappear after 3 minutes of game player disconnection.

Jackpot Fishing Payout Rates

Jackpot Fishing is a game that allows players to target different species of fish to win prizes. There are 27 different fish species available, each providing its unique payout rate. We provide an overview of the payout rates for each type of fish below:

Jackpot Fishing payout rates
Jackpot Fishing Payouts
Normal Fish2x Up To 12x pay rate
Golden Fish2x Up To 35x pay rate
Special Fish50x Up To 60x pay rate (Golden Angelfish, Golden Clown Fish, and Golden Manta Ray)
Effects Fish20x Up To 250x pay rate (Armored Fish, Anglerfish, and Terrapin)
Immortal Ocean King70x Up To 110x pay rate (Thunder Shark, Torpedo Crab, and Sea Anemone)
Jackpot Fish60x to 240x Up To 888x pay rate (King Squid, Golden Shark, and Treasure Bowl) Jackpot Fish = 66x Up To 320x jackpots

Available Cash Back Bonuses or Game Rewards

Game rewards are points that you can earn by playing Jackpot Fishing. You can redeem your rewards for various prizes, including a multiplier as high as 888x with a longer-lasting pool progression. Jackpot Fishing features several bonuses that include increased payouts, treasure boxes, and freebies.

Casino and Jackpot Fishing bonuses and rewards

Rewards Payout

You can win gifts worth real money in five different classes. As an example, bonuses for grades 200 can reach 50,000 pesos. The reward scores you can take home go up as your grade goes up. 

Treasure Chest

Use the same rules. The more points you get on the progress bar, the more likely you will win a treasure box. There are Bronze boxes, Silver chests, and Gold chests. The Gold chest is the best because it can give you up to 2,500 pesos. 

Mysterious Gifts

There are five levels in all. You’ll need to get better at your prizes to move up in levels. You’ll get strange gifts with more than one prize when you get a particular grade.

Strategies To Win in Jackpot Fishing

There is a guaranteed strategy to win this game with our website. With the tips below, players can win as much money as by using it.

Strategies to win in Jackpot Fishing

Pay attention to the paytable.

Before playing, be sure to study the paytable to understand the payouts for each winning combination. This will help you decide which symbols to look out for and which offer the biggest payouts.

Take Advantage of Bonus Features

Most fishing games offer bonus features that increase your chances of winning. These features may include free spins, multipliers, or the fishing bonus round.


In today’s online gaming industry, fishing games offer unique gameplay and exciting bonus rounds and have gained popularity in many countries, including the Philippines. With their realistic fishing effects and big payout, these games attract more players daily. So, take advantage of JILI’s Jackpot Fishing game through 747 Live. You can also try out other games by JILI, including online slot machines.

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