Catch the Biggest Fish and Win with Mega Fishing Game

Have you ever wanted to win big with a fishing game? Now, with Mega Fishing, you can! These games offer an immersive and entertaining experience, allowing players to compete against others online. Developed by JILI, a team of experienced game designers focused on online slots and fish shooting games, the fishing game offers players a wide range of fishing platforms, fish species, and challenges to explore.

Mega Fishing 747 Live

Explore the Seas of Mega Fishing Game Overview

Many online casinos feature JILI‘s daily Mega Fishing Game competitions. Everyone wishing to join the event is welcome, and the winning fish will get a sizable cash award. The goal is separated into two sections: the first section is a goal to shoot small fish, and the second is a goal to catch larger fish.

Mega Fishing overview

3 Different Rooms of Mega Fishing Game

The Mega Fishing Game Playing Room is an online gaming space that provides a unique and exciting experience for players of all levels. Players can choose from three different rooms, each with its own set of rules and betting limits.

Stages of Mega Fishing

Newbie Room – 0.1-10 Bet

The Newbie Room is perfect for beginners who want to learn the basics of the game without risking too much money. It allows players to bet between 0.1-10 pesos per round.

Honor Room – 1-100 Bet

The Honor Room is designed for more experienced players looking to increase their winnings by betting between 1-100 pesos per round. This special room offers high rewards for different kinds of fish available in the game.

Joy Room – 0.1-50 Bet

The Joy Room offers an intermediate challenge with a betting range of 0.1-50 pesos per round. The betting range of Joy Room is the most popular option among players, offering a balance between low-risk bets and the potential for big payouts.

Mega Fishing Game Symbols You Must Know

Mega Fishing is an easy-to-play fish shooting game. Just shoot the fish you want to accomplish. Players will be rewarded practically based on the size and quality of the fish they catch. There are also fish that give special attacks.

Mega Fishing Symbols

Special Weapons

  • Free Thunderbolt: When you shoot fish, energy will build up. When you click the button, you’ll call up a flash of lightning that will make a big attack when it’s full. After the discharge, the energy is redistributed following the current wager. Lastly, the energy will clear if you leave the game or get disconnected for 3 minutes.
  • Torpedoes: Torpedoes are a great way to increase your chances of catching a fish. They cost 6X the bet amount but offer a higher chance of killing the fish.
  • Railgun – Firing the Railgun costs 15X the bet amount. There is a possibility of triggering chain thunder after using the Railgun to kill a fish. You get the maximum multiplier if the killed fish is a Drill Crab.

Special Fish

  • Starfish: When it dies, it makes a pool of water around itself that could kill fish stuck in it.
  • Drill Crab: When it dies, it drops a drill that can be targeted on the stage. The drill will bounce around and explode at the end, with a chance to kill fish caught in its path and a final blast.
  • Bomb Crab – When it dies, it releases 3 bombs into the stage, which may kill fish if they become involved in the blasts.

Giant Prize Fish

The Giant Prize Fish is a special fish found in the game. When it is killed, players can win consecutively and have a chance to win five times in a row. This fish is an exciting addition to the game, allowing players to win big.

Immortal Boss

The immortal boss is an inevitable enemy that can be seen or encountered in various fishing games. It can run out of the bet and is incredibly difficult to defeat. However, if you can attack it continuously, you can win rewards such as experience points, items, or money.

Awakened Boss

After being killed, the Giant Crocodile releases its Awakening effect and targets the stage’s fish. The prizes increase as it kills more fish.

Mega Octopus Wheel

  • You can move the wheel when the octopus is killed.
  • You instantly receive the displayed multiplier when the wheel stops spinning.
  • When the GOLDEN WHEEL appears on your screen, you can spin it to earn up to a 950X multiplier

Win Big with Mega Online Fishing Game Payout

Win Big with Mega Fishing

Mega Online Fishing Game’s biggest payout is here. This payout is available to all players playing and enjoying this type of game online.

Normal Fish

Players can win payouts based on the number and size of fish they catch. The payout system is Payouts x2, x3, x4, x5 to x30, which is fair and transparent, and players can track their progress and payouts in real-time.

Special Fish

The payout for each type of fish varies, with the 60x Starfish, 70x Bomb Crab, and 20-80x Drill Crab offering some of the highest payouts available.

Golden Goldfish

Golden Goldfish payouts by shooting different types of fish like Golden goldfish 40x payout, Golden clownfish 45x up to 55x golden manta ray payout own value.

Giant Prize Fish

Giant Prize Fish Players can win up to 175x their original bet if they catch a Huge Clownfish, Angelfish, or Pufferfish. The payout ranges from 20-25x to 100-125x for the smaller fish and 25-30x to 150-175x for the bigger ones.

Immortal Boss

Immortal Boss payouts are a great way to increase your earnings in the game. The payout system is based on killing the bosses and collecting their loot. Depending on the Boss you kill, you can get different rewards. Killing Jaws, Giant Anglerfish, or Gem Turtle will give you 60-560x bonus rewards. All these payouts can be used to purchase items in the game or exchanged for real money.

Immortal Beasts

The incredible squid from the deep water is here. Unlike other fish features, Immortal Beasts are best. Immortal Beasts offer a bonus for catches made in quick succession ranging from 100-950x Mega Octopus payout.

Awakened Boss

Awakened Boss offers players the chance to win up to 600x their original bet on the Giant Crocodile payout. Players can also win 150x of their original bet on the same payout, depending on how many Giant Crocodiles they shoot.


Mega Fishing is an online game that lets you fish for big rewards. The game is popular because it is simple to pick up and play and offers a great way to relax and have fun. There are various fish to catch, and each fish is worth different points. The more fish that bite your bait, the more points it will count. There are also various fishing rooms, so you can always find a new place to fish. Mega Fishing is a great way to earn some extra points and have a lot of fun. So, if you’re looking for a great way to relax and have fun, check out Mega Fishing at 747live.

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