What is Fa Chai Fishing Game?

Fa Chai Gaming, or FC Gaming, is a well-known software provider in China that develops some of the best fishing games and slot machines that casinos can offer to their gamblers. Fishing games, or fish shooting games, are, at their core, multiplayer games where players shoot and kill a fish using cannons to get rewards, with each fish having varying health values.

Fa Chai Fishing

Fa Chai Gaming offers several fishing games, including Bao Chuan Fishing, Monkey King Fishing, Fierce Fishing, and Fa Chai Fishing, a game sharing the name of the software provider that developed it. Fa Chai Fishing loosely means “get rich” and has several features focused on giving gamblers a significant chance to win big.

3 Different Lobbies of Fa Chai Fishing

Fa Chai Fishing lobbies

Before moving to the game’s features, gamblers must first understand the different lobbies they can enter to play. Each one has different minimum and maximum bets. The different lobbies available are the following:

VIP Lobby – 0.1-10 Bet

The VIP Lobby is a beginner-friendly lobby with low minimum and maximum bets. This lobby allows gamblers to stake as low as PHP0.1 and as high as PHP10 per shot. This helps gamblers limit their losses and give them more playtime.

Fortune Lobby – 5-100 Bet

The Fortune Lobby is an intermediate lobby for gamblers who want a challenge without necessarily needing to stake high since gamblers still have the option to place a relatively low minimum stake. This lobby allows gamblers to stake as low as PHP5 and as high as PHP100 per shot.

Tycoon Lobby – 10-100 Bet

The Tycoon Lobby is a lobby meant for more experienced players who don’t mind staking high per shot. This lobby allows gamblers to state as low as PHP10 and as high as PHP100 per shot.

Fa Chai Fishing Symbols

Like all fishing games, Fa Chai Fishing features different symbols with different payouts. These symbols are the following:

Fa Chai Fishing symbols
  • Starfish – 2X
  • Kissing Gourami – 2X
  • Boraras – 3X
  • Dark sleeper – 4X
  • Ocellaris clownfish – 5X
  • Flowerhorn – 6X
  • Apollo shark – 7X
  • Seahorse – 8X
  • Mango tilapia – 9X
  • Anglerfish – 10X
  • Jellyfish – 12X
  • Siamese fighting fish – 15X
  • Puffer Fish – 18X
  • Horseshoe crab – 20X
  • Langjenshen – 25X
  • Painted terrapin – 30X
  • Asian Arowana – 40X
  • Platypus – 50X
  • Hammerhead shark – 80X
  • Floating golden toad – 100X
  • Fortune octopus – 50X ~ 150X

Fa Chai Fishing Special Symbols

Fa Chai Fishing is an FC fishing game with features focusing on helping gamblers win big. Because of this, gamblers will have access to special symbols that are the special features of this game. Several of these features are the following:


Basic 10X multiplier feature and free Thunderball. Upon launching the Thunderball, gamblers have a chance of catching any fish on the ball’s route.

Chain Gun

10X multiplier with 20 to 100 free bullets to catch fish with. Hitting the Chain gun with a free bullet allows gamblers to get more free bullets. The maximum limit is 999 free bullets.

Lucky Money Turtle

Players can work together to get 100X to 300X until the Lucky Money turtle leaves the screen.

Lucky Axel

Players can catch the special wheel to get a chance to use multipliers from 40X to 200X.

Lucky Eed Envelope

Extra bonus that allows gamblers to win from 2X to 1000X of their bet. Lucky red envelopes can be unlocked by filling the red envelope bar by catching fish or catching the Lucky red envelope symbol.


You can play FC Gaming’s Fa Chai Fishing by first registering at 747 Live Casino and then browsing the Fa Chai games list.

Yes. FC Gaming’s Fa Chai Fishing game is legitimate and gamblers only need to register in a legitimate online casino like 747 Live.

Yes. However, you must have a relatively substantial bankroll to effectively catch fishes and special symbols to win big from the high payout symbols.


Fa Chai Fishing is a great online fishing game that many Asian gamblers enjoy, especially since they can play this game to win big using the different Fa Chai features available in the game. These include high maximum multipliers and relatively low minimum and maximum bets to make the game accessible to most gamblers. Register at an online casino like 747 Live today to play Fa Chai Fishing.

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