What is Royal Fishing Game?

Royal Fishing is a classical JILI fish shooting game that comes with plenty of different rewards and even some exclusive rewards for specific lobbies. This game incentivizes joining certain lobbies to unlock special features and symbols to help gamblers win more real money.

Royal Fishing

Royal Fishing Unique Features

Royal Fishing unique features

Royal Fishing features several special fishes and symbols that can improve the overall gaming experience and help gamblers win big. Some of these fishes and symbols are the following:


Pay 30 to freeze the entire table for a short period.

Drill Bit Lobster

After successfully killing the lobster, the drill bit will explode and help catch fish in the blast radius.

Thunderbolt Lobster

After successfully killing the lobster, the player gets free ammo for 15 seconds.

Thunderbolt Consecutive Hit

After successfully killing this fish, a chain of lightning occurs that shocks and catches nearby fish.

Serial Bomb Crab

After successfully killing the crab, multiple large-scale explosions occur at different parts of the board to help catch more fish.

Immortal Boss

High payout bosses are available in all lobbies.

Awaken Boss

Killing a boss causes an awakening attack where players will have a chance to win big through a basic multiplier of 30, a power-up attack of 6X – 10X, and a maximum reward of 300X.

Chain Long King Wheel

After successfully catching the Chain Long King, a roulette wheel consisting of an outer and inner wheel containing multipliers appears. The player can select where the pointer will be placed and the two numbers found in the outer and inner wheel will be multiplied by each other to produce a multiplier, with the maximum amount being 350X.

Summon Dragon Wrath

Exclusive to Regal and Qian Long Hall lobbies. Players accumulate wrath value every time they shoot. Once the wrath value is full, players can summon Dragon Wrath.

Lucky Treasure Chest

Up to 200X super win. Hit all fish types to win a Lucky treasure chest randomly.

3 Different Lobbies of Royal Fishing

When playing Royal Fishing, gamblers will be able to choose from three different lobbies with their respective minimum and maximum bets and some exclusive features. These game lobbies are the following:

Joy Hall – 0.1-10 Bet

The Joy Hall lobby is a beginner-friendly lobby with low minimum and maximum bets. This lobby also features Immortal Bosses that appear from time to time. Gamblers can stake as low as PHP0.1 and as high as PHP10 per shot. This helps gamblers limit their losses and give them more playtime.

Different Royal Fishing lobbies

Regal Hall – 1-80 Bet

The Regal Hall lobby is an intermediate lobby with relatively low minimum bets. This lobby also features Immortal Bosses and Dragon Wrath. This lobby allows gamblers to stake as low as PHP10 and as high as PHP80 per shot.

Qian Long Hall – 10-100 Bet

The Qian Long Hall lobby is a lobby meant for more experienced players. This lobby also features Immortal Bosses, Dragon Wrath, and Chain Long King. This lobby allows gamblers to state as low as PHP10 and as high as PHP100 per shot.

Royal Fishing Symbols

Like all fishing games, Royal Fishing features different symbols with different payouts. The payouts are the following:

Royal Fishing symbols

General Fish Symbol Payouts

  • 2X
  • 3X
  • 4X
  • 5X
  • 6X
  • 7X
  • 8X
  • 9X
  • 10X
  • 12X
  • 15X
  • 20X
  • 25X
  • 30X
  • 35X
  • 40X
  • 50X
  • 55X

Special Fish Payouts

  • Drill Bit Lobster – 20X-80X
  • Thunderbolt Lobster – N/A, 15-25 seconds of free bullets
  • Thunderbolt Consecutive Hit – 60X
  • Serial Bomb Crab – 70X

Immortal Boss Payouts

  • Golden Toad – 50X-120X
  • Boss Octopus – 60X-150X

Awaken Boss Payouts

  • Awakening Humpback Whale – basic multiplier of 15X and power-up attack of 6X-10X for a total multiplier of 90X-150X
  • Awakening Legend Dragon – basic multiplier of 20X and power-up attack of 6X-10X for a total multiplier of 120X-200X
  • Ice Phoenix – basic multiplier of 30X and power-up attack of 6X-10X for a total multiplier of 180X-300X

Other Symbol Payout

The roulette wheel features the following multipliers per wheel:

Outer Wheel Payouts

  • 3X
  • 4X
  • 5X

Inner Wheel Payouts

  • 45X
  • 60X
  • 70X

The value of the winning multiplier pockets in both outer and inner wheels is multiplied by each other to get the total multiplier.


You can play JILI’s Royal Fishing by first registering at 747 Live Casino and then browsing the JILI games list or searching for Royal Fishing.

Yes. JILI’s Royal Fishing game is legitimate and gamblers only need to register in a legitimate online casino like 747 Live. JILI also has other games available, including slot machines and other fishing games.

Yes. This is thanks to the multiple bonuses present in the game. However, gamblers should look into playing with a substantial bankroll and practice bankroll management to catch fish and take full advantage of the special symbols.


Royal Fishing is a fun game to play that incentivizes playing in high-cost lobbies like the Qian Long Hall since they’ll also have access to certain high-payout symbols. Gamblers can play Royal Fishing through 747 Live casino. Register today and play JILI’s Royal Fishing game.

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