What is Lucky Fishing Game?

Lucky Fishing is a CQ9 fishing game with bright-colored symbols on a turquoise board. This means that gamblers will be able to have a relaxing mood when playing the game while also being able to win big when they get lucky. This game has a unique feature that makes the game enjoyable and profitable.

Lucky Fishing

Lucky Fishing Unique Features

Lucky Fishing features “gun power,” which is a power meter based on the player’s bet limit. The higher a gambler’s stakes are, the higher the meter will be and the better the rewards are. The different gun power levels are the following:

Lucky Fishing Unique Features
  • Level One – At full power, the player fires a missile to kill a group of fish
  • Level Two – At full power, the player fires a railgun that shoots in a straight line and kill all the fishes in the bullet’s line of fire
  • Level Three – At full power, the player fires a particle cannon that shoots a large straight line and kill all the fishes in the bullet’s line of fire

In addition to gun power, Lucky Fishing also has other bonuses, including the following:

Special Lucky Fishing Symbols

  • Lightning Silver Dragon – special symbol with 200X payout that releases lighting to destroy all surrounding fishes upon elimination
  • Bomb Pufferfish – special symbol that explodes and kills the surrounding fish upon elimination
  • Frozen Crab – freezes all fishes
  • Fish Wheel – kills all fish in the wheel, regardless of fish species

Lucky Fishing Buffs

Kill fishes to get a chance of using one of the following buffs:

  • Berserk – increase projectile speed
  • Collect Power – collect power to increase the strength of the projectile over time
  • Drill Turret – upgrade turret to increase attack power
  • Slow – slows down fish by hitting them
  • Prize Fish – get additional money
  • Functional Fish – get the more special function

3 Different Lobbies of Lucky Fishing

When playing Lucky Fishing, gamblers will be able to choose from three different lobbies. These lobbies feature varying minimum and maximum bets to better accommodate different gamblers and effectively limit an inexperienced gambler’s losses through the low-cost lobby. These game lobbies are the following:

3 different Lucky Fishing lobbies

Legend Narwhal – 1-10 Bet

The Legend Narwhal lobby is a beginner-friendly lobby with low minimum and maximum bets. This lobby allows gamblers to stake as low as PHP1 and as high as PHP10 per shot while retaining the benefits of gun power. This helps gamblers limit their losses and give them more playtime.

Scary Octopus – 10-100 Bet

The Scary Octopus lobby is an intermediate lobby for gamblers who want a challenge without necessarily needing to stake high since gamblers can still place relatively low minimum bets. This lobby allows gamblers to stake as low as PHP10 and as high as PHP100 per shot while retaining the benefits of gun power.

Monster Fishzilla – 100-1000 Bet

The Monster Fishzilla Lobby is a lobby meant for more experienced players who don’t mind staking high per shot and want to win big. This lobby allows gamblers to state as low as PHP100 and as high as PHP1000 per shot while retaining the benefits of gun power.

Lucky Fishing Symbols

Like all fishing games, Lucky Fishing features different symbols with different payouts. The payouts are the following:

Lucky Fishing Symbols

Common Fish Symbol Payouts

  • 2X
  • 3X
  • 4X
  • 5X
  • 6X
  • 7X
  • 8X
  • 9X
  • 10X
  • 12X
  • 15X
  • 18X
  • 20X
  • 25X
  • 30X
  • 40X
  • 50X
  • 60X

Golden Fish Payouts

  • 80X
  • 100X
  • 120X
  • 150X
  • 180X
  • 200X

Fish Boss Payouts

  • Boss Narval – 500X
  • Boss Octopus – 600X
  • Bossilla – 700X


You can play the game by first registering at 747 Live Casino and then browsing the CQ9 games list or searching for Lucky Fishing.

Yes. CQ9’s Lucky Fishing game is legitimate and gamblers only need to register in a legitimate online casino like 747 Live.

Yes. However, you must have a relatively substantial bankroll and practice bankroll management to effectively catch fish and special symbols to win big from the high payout symbols.


Lucky Fishing is a relaxing fish shooting game where gamblers can leisurely catch fish while having a chance to get lucky using buffs and special symbols. The buffs can help improve the gaming experience and make sure the gambler wins some real money when used wisely.

Register at 747 Live Casino today to play CQ9’s Lucky Fishing. Check out CQ9’s other lineup of games, including online slot machines.

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