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Offering this incredibly well-liked kind of gambling gives you, as an iGaming operator, a competitive edge. CQ9 takes great pleasure in its amazing array of online slot machines and fishing game products.

CQ9 Fishing game reviews

Each of CQ9’s offerings—Water Margin Fishing, Lucky Fishing, One Shot Fishing, Paradise, and Thunder Fighter—takes the traditional fishing game experience and adds a fully distinct set of twists and gameplay mechanics.

CQ9’s Lucky Fishing allows your players the freedom of vertical-screen support tailored for mobile devices, with super-smooth action that can be managed with just one hand, with an eye on the current iGaming market trends!

CQ9 Fishing Gameplay

You must first log into your online casino account to play CQ9 Fishing. After logging in, find the CQ9 Fishing Game and click on it to start it. Once the game has loaded, you will see a screen that depicts the undersea environment where you will be fishing.

CQ9 fishing games gameplay

You must decide on your fishing equipment and your preferred fishing location before you can begin the game. After that, you can cast your line and wait for a nibble from a fish. You must use your fishing pole to reel in the fish after it bites. To earn points, the objective is to capture as many fish as you can in the allotted time.

straightforward controls in CQ9 Fishing are straightforward to use and comprehend. Using a mouse or touchpad, you can control the game. Click and hold the mouse button, then let go of the button to cast your line. Move the fishing rod back and forth with the mouse to reel in your catch.

Recommended CQ9 Fishing Popular Fish Machine 

Fishing video games were invented by CQ9 Gaming. In the fishing pool, players may always find great satisfaction and thrill. It offers a traditional fishing experience, several artillery batteries, and a large school of fish, and it also has some intriguing story components, such as collecting dragon balls, slaying the Dragon King, and completing levels with friends.

Recommended popular CQ9 fish shooting games

Lucky Fishing Game

The color scheme of the game, which is quite inviting with vibrant colors that animate while playing, features Lucky Fishing. The game’s vibrant colors and cozy turquoise gemstone give it a welcoming appearance. That creates the mood by encouraging relaxation while playing

The color scheme of the game, which is quite inviting with vibrant colors that animate while playing, features Lucky Fishing. The game’s vibrant colors and cozy turquoise gemstone give it a welcoming appearance. 

That creates the mood by encouraging relaxation while playing. It goes beyond the game’s distinctive color design. The game’s system itself is intriguing as well. Whether it is a game feature, it is exceptional since it prevents the camp from losing subsequent games. including the fish in the game that the user can select to shoot. There are several tiny fish and unique fish. So without further ado, let’s look at the game’s specialties.

The use of weapons has two main benefits. Each level’s power meter is based on the player’s bet cap. The meter will rise in proportion to the stakes and acquire special abilities that can quickly kill fish. A further intriguing feature is the availability of six different game stat types, each with special qualities that can be collected.

Game Mode for Lucky Fishing

There are 3 rooms available, with the following fish bosses and bet limitations in each room:

  • The range of acceptable bets is 1 to 10.
  • Bet Limit 10-100 for Squid of Terror
  • Limit of 100–1000 for the Silla monster

The Lucky Fishing Game’s Objective

Target Lock: This unique technology, which prevents fish from being struck by projectiles, enables players to comfortably aim and shoot fish. There will be no shot-through to get the fish you are aiming for, making it much simpler for players to play from watching fish shooting games from other camps or most other games. We will find it to be even simpler to play because of this system in this game.

Automatic: This is a mechanism that works similarly to target locking. However, the target fish was locked when we pressed. The fish will be shot by the rifle till it perishes. Another system that will increase our profitability is this one. As a result of our ability to select the fish that shoots itself. While there will be an automatic fire system in other fish shooting games. but have it occasionally shoot some dead fish. It will shoot every fish on the screen. not passing away, costing us more money than necessary.

Paradise Leviathan Fish Shooting

Enter this paradise fish shooting game or the game Paradise Leviathan. To play in any of the 4 rooms, depending on your budget, you must first select a room that is open to members.

There are several specializations among the fish shooting games that are available for betting, such as Paradise Leviathan or fish shooting game in Paradise. It still has an intriguing feature, mainly the game’s features, which will make everyone’s gameplay much more enjoyable than previously.

Paradise Leviathan Fish Shooting Mode

To play Paradise Leviathan or this game of shooting paradise fish. To begin with, you must pick a room that is open for members to play in any of the 4 rooms, based on each person’s budget. Including the difficulties that you hope to encounter, such as:

  • Journey of the Whales: 0.1 shots
  • Davy Jones says: 1 Shot=1
  • Mega Crocodile: 1 Hit = 1
  • One Shot=Two in Kung Fu Manatee.

Paradise Leviathan Fishing Special Skills

When selecting a room to invest in, the gambler will move directly to the betting page and face the task of effectively entering their play. The game’s fundamental structure isn’t all that unlike those of other fish-shooting games. Enter the number of bullets to shoot and choose from the swimming fish in the game. Clicking on an interested fish will cause the gun to start shooting right away. But the game’s unique selling point is the development of special skills that make playing it more enjoyable and exciting than before. Ensure a positive investing experience by doing the following:

  • Powerful: has the option to use three skills at once
  • Speed-Up: makes the gun fire 20% more quickly by increasing its speed
  • Freeze: ammunition to freeze fish in
  • Locks the target you want to shoot at with auto locking. When locked, the gun will keep firing until the fish perishes or leaves the screen.
  • The pinnacle of special features is electric nets. The reason is that both the target fish and nearby fish will be hit by the projectiles.

There is a unique element that you won’t find in any other game in addition to the enjoyment of the gun with new stats to experiment with. A nuclear bomb that bursts on death and kills itself is one of the gimmicks that are created to boost the likelihood of defeating other fish. Other gimmicks include the ability to detonate and have all nearby fish die. Accordingly, every fish perishes.

Hero Fishing Game

Heroes, unite! The fishing simulator game Hero Fishing Game was created by CQ9. You will gain superpowers similar to the characters in “Hero Fishing”! Obtain energy to open up additional Hero Cannons. To make fishing simpler, use various skill weapons. Grab the Thor’s Hammer and the Steel Glove to catch every fish! Rewards up to 200x! Get up to 1000x prizes by capturing the Money Toad King and Octopus Sea King! Start a full-screen fishing battle to prove your heroism right now!

Heroes, gather! CQ9 created the fishing simulator game Hero Fishing Game. You will possess the superpowers of the heroes in “Hero Fishing”! For more Hero Cannons, assemble energy. To make fishing easier, employ a variety of skill weapons. To catch every fish, get the Steel Glove and Thor’s Hammer! 200x or more in prizes! To receive a maximum of 1000x awards, capture the Money Toad King and Octopus Sea King! Start a full-screen fishing battle right away to prove your heroism!

Hero Fishing Game Model

You must become a hero in the game Hero Fishing, where you can freely switch between four distinct heroes. To assist you more easily beat the strongest Octopus Sea King and get the greatest bonus of 1000X, each hero has a unique set of special attack abilities.

  • Newbie 1-100
  • Expert 10-1K
  • Royal 100-1K

Features of the Hero Fishing game

  • Huge Lucky Piggy – The organic rate causes Huge Lucky Piggy to enlarge after each death. When the lucky pig is larger, the play amount increases, giving you a chance to earn 10x to 500x rewards before it departs.
  • Gemstone Wheel – When the Gemstone Wheel is slain, it will activate the wheel, which you can spin to try your luck and possibly win 50x to 500x prizes. External Score multiplied by Internal Multiplier and Cannon Play Amount equals XBonus.
  • Fortune Ganesha – You can play the clapping game once Fortune Ganesha has been killed. You have a chance to win 20x to 600x rewards if you continuously clap on Fortune Ganesha till it departs.
  • Steel Glove – Steel Glove will be armed when it has been put to death. You can catch fish along a broad range after pressing the screen to launch it, with a 150x reward maximum.
  • Thor’s Hammer – You will have the opportunity to catch fish in the pool when Thor’s Hammer has been defeated, with a potential prize multiplier of 200.
  • Money Toad King – King Money Toad Attack! After killing She Money Toad King, the player has the chance to gain 50x to 200x awards. After killing the boss, it will unleash an awakening attack that can result in up to 1000x rewards.
  • Octopus Sea King – Attack of the Octopus Sea King! The player has the chance to gain 50x to 200x awards after killing the Octopus Sea King, and after killing the boss, which triggers an awakening attack, they can win up to 1000x rewards.
  • Infinite Energy
  • The energy bar will fill up as the player fires. Once the value has been used up, you can obtain a free click to launch the general assault, with a bonus of up to 100% for each participant.
  • The button to support heroes joining the general attack can be clicked when the player’s energy meter reaches a value greater than half.
  • After the countdown timer has run for 60 seconds, the mechanism will automatically fire when the energy bar is full.

Techniques for CQ9 Fishing Success

Techniques for CQ9 fishing

Selecting the Best Fishing Game

Selecting the ideal fishing game and lobby is one of the key tactics for succeeding at CQ9 Fishing. Different fishing games offer various fish species, and some are more profitable than others. It is crucial to pick a fishing location that has a decent probability of capturing large fish and has a high concentration of fish.

Recognizing the Various Fish Species

Understanding the many fish species is another way to succeed at CQ9 Fishing. Knowing the distinctive traits and behaviors of different fish species will help you catch more fish. For instance, while certain fish like to hide in particular places, others are drawn to particular kinds of bait.

Upgrade Your Fishing Equipment

A vital approach for succeeding in CQ9 Fishing is to upgrade your fishing equipment. Better fishing equipment enables you to capture larger, more valuable fish. Although upgrading your fishing equipment can be pricey, it is frequently worthwhile in the long term.


CQ9 Fishing is legal in many countries, but it is important to check the regulations in your specific area to ensure that online gambling is legal.

Yes, many online casinos offer the option to play CQ9 Fishing for free without any real money involved.

The best way to catch big fish in CQ9 Fishing is to choose a fishing spot that has a high concentration of large fish and to use the upgraded fishing gear.

Withdrawal methods for CQ9 Fishing winnings depend on the specific online casino. Most casinos offer multiple withdrawal options, including bank transfers, e-wallets, and more.


CQ9 Fishing is a thrilling and enjoyable online casino game that can offer entertainment, interaction, and the chance to win real money. Nevertheless, it’s crucial to gamble sensibly and be aware of any risks for addiction and financial loss. You can benefit from CQ9 Fishing without having it interfere with other significant elements of your life by adhering to winning techniques and establishing betting limits.

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