A Fun and Engaging Guide to Bombing Fishing – The Newest Crazy Fishing Online Game

Bombing Fishing is an exciting craze in the world of online gaming by JILI. This fast-paced game involves dropping bombs into a virtual ocean to catch various fish, ranging from small fish to giant sharks. As you play the game, you can improve your bombs and weapons to catch bigger fish and get more points.

Bombing Fishing Game

What is a Bombing Fishing Game?

The most fantastic cartoon fish shooting game, BOMBING FISHING, is a fish shooting game by JILI Games, a top provider of online slots and fishing games. The functionality of the game is quite different from other fish shooting games. Bombing Fishing is a simple and enjoyable game in which you must shoot at targets. The small fish are the lowest paid but the easiest to succeed. The bigger the target, the higher, according to the payment table, but the bigger the target, you will spend more shots; thus, the cost is greater. 

What is bombing fishing?

How to Play Fishing Casino Game

Fishing casino games are easy to play and can be enjoyed by experienced and novice players. When you first visit our platform, you will be presented with a simple tutorial that will guide you through each step of playing a game of Bombing Fishing. Simply select your fishing game modes from – Joy Hall, where you stake 0.1 – 50 pesos, Regal Hall: 1-100 pesos, or Golden Hall:10-1200x up to Bounty Game prizes.

How to play bombing fishing game
  • Room Change: Point to the upper left corner of the game, switch rooms, or make changes to the bet limits. 
  • Game Data: Drag over to discover game features and payout rates.
  • Betting Information: This button does not enable you to adjust the bet after you choose from the room models, but you can check the status of your current bets. 
  • Shooting Feature: Select the Automatic or Target Lock feature to shoot at the fish. Players can also select Manual shooting if they want.
  • Special Events: Stay aware of the time to participate in the special activities offered by the game. 
  • Sound Setting: Control On/Off to change the game sound.

Get ready to shoot fishing games to earn money and rewards. 

The Variety of Features Available for Android Fishing Game

The fishing game apk version offers several features to enhance the gameplay experience. The game includes daily prizes, weapon improvements, and a multiplayer option, allowing users to compete against others for a more exciting gameplay experience worldwide.

Variety of bombing fishing features

Deep Sea Fish

Killing deep sea fish with a special weapon will reward you with deep sea pearls, which can be multiplied by up to 666.

Special Fish

  • Drill Bit Lobster: Once shot with a weapon, the Drill Bullet penetrates the fish and eventually explodes. The total number of fish lost during the process will be used as a multiplier (If disconnection occurs, you can get the amount corresponding to your current score, but the game state will not be kept).
  • Thunder Consecutive: Area attacks with a fish-catching chance are triggered by both Lightning Chain and the death of Super Bomb Crab.

Special Weapon

When you employ the Golden Bomb, the amount of your bet will be multiplied by 50, and a small explosion will be caused in the fishing ground. There is a risk that any fish will be killed.


Bomb-like ammunition is ideal for inflicting greater damage or mass destruction. To change to the launcher, click the Torpedo button, then tap on a giant fish anywhere on the screen to attack it. Each shot deducts the bet times 10. The torpedo can use to fish for massive games and various smaller species. You’ll need to consume a higher bet than usual bullets to activate the Torpedo. 

Immortal Boss

Once the immortal boss enters the arena, the player has an ongoing chance to win the prize until the boss leaves.

Immortal Ocean King Multiplier Puffer

Immortal Bosses are referred to as Multiplier Puffers. When you shoot them, there is a possibility that their size will expand. The greater the size, the greater the value of the prize.

Awaken Boss

When you test out Ocean Kings, you have a possibility of activating Power-Ups, which are associated with big multiplier awards.

Bounty Game

Anyone can roll a die when you collect a Bounty Crab. Rolling BONUS will trigger the Bounty Game. In the Bounty Game, you can catch crabs for enormous rewards and receive up to 1200 free laser weapons (Joy Hall up to 600 times).

Free Nuclear Bomb

  • When the player uses their weapons, the energy bar will fill up. After everything is finished, they will be able to push the button to detonate a free nuclear bomb and launch an attack across a vast area.
  • A betting ratio is used for the conversion process by the energy meter. The current bet is used in the calculation to determine whether or not free nuclear bombs should be released.
  • The player’s energy will be reset three minutes after they leave the game or the game is disconnected from their account.
  • The device will automatically utilize the stored energy after the energy meter has been full for a period of three minutes.

Maximize Your Earnings With Bombing Fishing Payouts

How can you maximize your earnings and increase your chances of hitting the jackpot? We’ll detail your earnings in Bombing Fishing payouts, focusing on the exciting world of jackpot fishing. 

Maximize earnings with bombing fishing

1. General Fish

These are the primary fish that you’ll encounter in Bombing Fishing, with lower payouts than some of the rarer species, with payouts from x2 to x30.

2. Golden Fish

These rare and valuable fish offer higher payouts than most other species in the game, making them a prime target for Golden Clown Fish, Golden Manta Rays, and Golden Sharks, with payouts from x35, x40, and x45 for players.

3. Functional Fish

These fish offer special functions such as slowing down other fish or increasing your firepower, making them a strategic target for players looking to gain an edge of x50 to 80x payout.

4. Immortal boss

These challenging boss fish are tough to catch but offer some of the highest payouts in the game, such as:

  • Multiplier puffer payout x20 – x100.
  • Golden Toad payout x70 – x120x.
  • Lobster King Payout x90 – x150x.

5. Awaken Boss

These upgraded boss fish are even more challenging to catch than their Immortal counterparts. However, they offer even higher payouts from Crystal Crab x80 – x200 payout, Fortune Turtle x100 – x250, and Power Up attack of Golden Dragon payout x140 – x350x.

6. Bounty Game

This game mode offers a chance to catch rare and valuable fish with even higher payouts than usual but also comes with a higher level of difficulty, such as Joy Hall Crab payout of x10 – 600x, and Golden Hall Payout of x10 – 1200x.

Tips to Become an Expert Player To Help You Get The Jackpot Fishing Game

To become an excellent player and optimize your probability of winning the jackpot, there are many strategies you should follow. 

Tips to become an expert in bombing fishing

1. Focus on High-value Fish

While catching as many fish as possible may be tempting, focusing on high-value species like Golden Fish and boss fish can lead to bigger payouts in the long run.

2. Avoid Automated Shoot Mode

Automated shooting is speedy, but it drains out bets quickly. Manually shoot for greater damage. After a kill steal, online gamers can launch a torpedo.

3. Upgrade your Weapons

As you continue the game, carefully update your equipment to enhance damage and other features. It will help you capture bigger fish and gain more points.

4. Learn the Patterns

Fish species move in different patterns, so take the time to learn their movements and adjust your aim accordingly. It can help you catch more fish and earn higher payouts.

Where to Find the Best Bombing Fishing Games Online?

You can find Bombing Fishing games online at various casinos, like the 747live entertainment website with a mobile app version. Online casinos often offer exclusive bonuses and promotions for Bombing Fishing players, while gaming websites may offer free or paid game versions with different variations and themes.

Where to find the bombing fishing?

Mobile apps provide a convenient way to play Bombing Fishing on the go. By exploring these different options, you can find the best Bombing Fishing games online to suit your preferences and gaming style.


Bombing Fishing is an enjoyable and captivating online game that allows players to feel the excitement of fishing while using explosives to catch fish. This game captivates players for a significant amount of time thanks to its one-of-a-kind gaming mechanics, attractive graphics, and captivating power-ups. In online casinos, Bombing Fishing is a game that should not be missed, so why not try? In this action-packed fishing journey with 747live, you’ll need to grab your fishing line and be ready to let out an eruption of bombs to achieve victory

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