Golden Queen Online Slot Game Review

The intriguing Jili’s slot game Golden Queen transports players to ancient Egypt. The outstanding design, lucrative features, and attention-grabbing theme have made it a favorite among slot players. This review of Golden Queen will go into the game’s mechanics, extras, and overall experience.

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If you enjoy Egyptian themes, you should try Golden Queen. The cartoonish visuals are outstanding. It has five reels and forty paylines. The Pharaoh wild is the game’s wild symbol, and it doubles all wins when it substitutes for other symbols to produce cash rewards.


Gameplay Guidelines

  • The game is a 5-reel, 4-row video slot with 40 paylines.
  • According to the paytable, a bet line wins if three or more symbols appear in sequence from the leftmost reel to the rightmost reel.
  • Rewards are determined as Pay x (Bet/40).
  • Scatter symbols occur exclusively from left to right on the first reel.
  • A round is deemed invalid if a mistake leaves the game’s outcome unknown.
gameplay guidelines

Golden Queen Paytables

In this online slot, the paytable refers to a chart or table that provides detailed information about the symbol combinations and their corresponding payouts. It serves as a guide for players to understand the value of each symbol in the game and the potential winnings associated with different combinations.

golden queen paytables

Games for Free

  • The Bonus symbol will only show in the main game’s first, third, and fifth rounds.
  • The Bonus symbol appears on the first, third, and fifth rounds and activates 8 rounds of free games!
games for free


  • If the standard Scarab symbol appears, it will transform into Scarab Wilding.
  • Scarab symbols occur exclusively in the third round of the main game and the second through fourth rounds of free games.
  • 14 scarabs will randomly fly out and change the icon into a Wild card for each.
  • When the scarab lands on a Wild card, it transforms into a Wild card with a multiplication factor.
  • When a scarab flies to Wild’s, the multiplication factor accumulates!
  • A winning line’s multipliers will multiply together.

Winning Combinations and Payouts

Golden Queen Slots features various symbols, each with its value. The highest-paying symbol is the golden queen herself, followed by other thematic symbols like pharaohs, pyramids, and scarab beetles. To win, you must land a combination of matching symbols on an active payline. The paytable provides detailed information about the payouts for each symbol combination, so make sure to consult it to understand the game’s potential winnings.

combinations and payouts

Features and Bonuses

This online slot machine from Jili offers several features and bonuses that add excitement and increase your chances of winning. Let’s explore some key features you can expect to encounter while playing this game.

features and bonuses

Wild Symbols: The queen herself represents the wild symbol in this slot. This symbol can substitute for other symbols on the reels, helping you complete winning combinations. When the wild symbol appears in a winning combination, it may also multiply your winnings, adding an extra level of thrill to the game.

Scatter Symbols: Scatter symbols play an essential role in Golden Queen Slots, triggering special bonus rounds and free spins. In addition, if you land a certain number of scatter symbols on the reels, you can unlock additional gameplay features, increasing your chances of winning big.

Bonus Rounds: The Slot offers exciting bonus rounds that specific symbol combinations or scatter symbols can trigger. These bonus rounds often involve interactive mini-games or free spins with unique features. They provide a break from the base game and allow you to multiply your winnings.

747 Live Golden Queen JILI’s Slot Mobile Compatibility

In today’s mobile-centric world, many players prefer the convenience of playing their favorite casino games on their smartphones or tablets. Golden Queen Slots recognizes this trend and offers mobile compatibility, allowing players to enjoy the game on the go. Whether you have an iOS or Android device, you can access The game from your mobile browser or through a dedicated online casino app.

golden queen jili's slot mobile compatibility

JILI’s Golden Queen: Return to Player and Volatility

The RTP of a slot game indicates the percentage of wagers that will be returned to players over time. Golden Queen Slots has a competitive RTP, ensuring a fair and balanced gameplay experience. Additionally, the game’s volatility determines the frequency and size of the payouts. The Slot has a medium volatility, offering a good balance between frequent smaller wins and the potential for larger payouts.

return to player and volatility

Pros and Cons of Golden Queen Slot

Like any online slot game, Golden Queen Slots has strengths and weaknesses. Consider these benefits and drawbacks:

pros and cons


  • Engaging Egyptian theme and captivating design.
  • Exciting features and bonus rounds.
  • Mobile compatibility for on-the-go gaming.
  • Competitive RTP and balanced volatility.


  • Some players may find the Egyptian theme overused in the slot game genre.
  • High bets can lead to higher risks and potential losses.


Yes, 747 live casino offers a demo or free play mode for Golden Queen Slots. You can test the game without risking any real money by doing this. However, remember that winnings in the demo mode are not withdrawable.

Yes, Golden Queen Slots is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. If available, you can access the game through your mobile browser or by downloading a dedicated casino app.

The exact RTP (Return to Player) of Golden Queen Slots may vary depending on the casino you play at. However, it typically ranges from 95% to 97%, which is considered competitive in the industry.

Yes, Golden Queen Slots offers various special features, including wild symbols, scatter symbols, and bonus rounds. The gameplay is enhanced and there are more chances to win thanks to these features.

Yes, Golden Queen Slots gives you a chance to win real money. However, when playing with real money bets, any winnings you accumulate can be withdrawn, subject to the terms and conditions of the online casino you choose to play at.


Golden Queen Slots offers a thrilling gaming experience with its Egyptian theme, immersive design, and rewarding features. Whether you are a fan of ancient Egypt or enjoy playing online slots, Golden Queen Slots provides hours of entertainment and the potential to win big. With its user-friendly interface and mobile compatibility, you can enjoy this game whenever and wherever you like.

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